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Camso launches CWL 532 bias tire for compact wheel loaders


OTR tire manufacturer and solutions provider Camso has announced the release of the CWL 532, a bias tire that has been designed to offer compact loaders a higher level of performance and traction when carrying out work off-road, on both soft and mixed surfaces.

To ensure puncture resistance, the Camso CWL 532 benefits from void guard tread protection, an added rubber section designed to lessen the chances of a puncture occurring. An impact guard and rim guard also feature to enhance the sidewall and offer rim flange protection.

A stepped tread design improves tire cleanout and traction in off-road scenarios, while the enhanced tread depth and curved lugs mean the bias tire is well suited for operations on an array of surfaces including sand, dirt and snow.

In Japan, compact wheel loaders have now become the third-most important segment of compact equipment in the construction industry, and as a result, the Camso CWL 532 was specifically designed to meet the requirements of the country’s compact wheel loaders.

“The Camso CWL 532 is a versatile construction tire for compact wheel loaders that offers great off-road traction, especially when working on mixed and soft surfaces,” explained Geuk Bae Kim, Asia product manager for construction tires, Camso. “Its tread pattern has been inspired by our skid steer loader tires to reduce vibrations and improve operator comfort.”

Available in Japan via Camso’s dealer network, the CWL 532 comes in two sizes, a 12.5/70-16 with a ply rating of six or eight, and a 15.5/60-18 with a ply rating of eight.

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