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Tips and Advantages of Using Used Tires Have More in Common Than You Think

Tips And Advantages Of Using Used Tires Have More In Common Than You Think

There are definitely some advantages to buying used tires, and that’s why some people do it. Buy used tires isn’t like buying new tires, so keep that in mind and Tips and Advantages of Using Used Tires

When shopping around. It may take longer to find good used tires that are in good enough shape that you can still use them for a while. Possibly the best advantage of buying used tires is that you save money. This is the most obvious reason to buy used tires. You can save anywhere from 30-50% off from new tires when you get used ones.

Because of this, buying used tires is very appealing. Another great benefit of buying used cars is that it causes less waste. Reusing old tires helps cut back on the amount of waste created by throwing away old tires. If you are particularly conscious of cutting back on your own waste or helping preserve our environment, this may be a big motivation behind your reason for wanting to buy used tires. If everyone always bought new tires, the number of old tires wasted would be enormous.

If you only need to replace one tire on your car, buying a used one is a good way to avoid purchasing a full set. If your other tires are still in good condition and you can find a used one that is in decent shape as well, this may be the ideal solution for you.

Between taking my car to the track, daily driving, and going on long road trips, I eat up tires pretty fast. My tire size, 235-35-19, is also quite expensive (anywhere from $150-300 per tire), and I prefer to run an ultra-high-performance tire which means tires are even more expensive, and they wear even quicker. I’ve purchased several sets of used tires now, usually through Craigslist or eBay, and have had awesome results.  

One thing I really like about buying used tires is that you can try out several tires, versus being stuck with one tire/tread pattern for 30k miles. I currently have Falken FK453s that I hate, but I am stuck with them for a while as I paid a lot of money for them – I wish I had bought used like I normally do, but I was given a deal too good to pass up on the new.

Unlike the new tire industry, the market for used tires doesn’t have strict rules and regulations. So, another way of finding good used tires is to buy them from a trustworthy and reputable dealer. It’s not easy to tell if a tire is good or bad just by looking at it. It may look good, but have significant problems on the inside. In that case, a dealer you can trust can offer you good used tires for sale. Such shops have trained service technicians who test and inspect all the old tires carefully.


There are a number of things that you would want to consider while purchasing a used set of tires for your car. It is important to be well aware of the dos and don’ts related to this topic because a small mistake can easily lead to loss of money, time, and energy, making it one of the biggest regrets of your life. So, while saving some time and energy for us let’s get started with the most crucial points: 

  • Checking tires quality: There are a number of things that need to be considered here. For starters, you would want to take the age of the tires you are purchasing. The most useful trick is to check out the sidewalls of the tire for a date stamp. If you look carefully you will see a small code that starts with three letters “DOT’ which refers to the department of transportation. There will be another similar code with four digits extra than the others, these four extra digits represent the date stamp on the tire. It is usually written in the format of week/year (WW/YY). So if it is written as 1518 then it means that it was built in the 15th week of the year 2018. It is recommended that nobody should buy tires that are older than 5 years. If a tire has already completed half a decade, it is most possible that it will fail prematurely because of internal deterioration of the rubber. Tires exposed to intense sunlight are more prone to failure than otherwise. Lastly, you need to check the integrity of the rubber by printing approximately 3 inches of the sidewall. Also, do not forget to look for dry rot, discoloration, and small cracks. Make sure that you do a similar check on all sides of the given tire. Any piece that shows smaller cracks or signs of dry rot would definitely fail in some time. 


This is a trickier task because the price will definitely be more lucrative, and they will try their best to hide the flaws in any one of the two tires. The first thing that you need to ensure is the sees that you are buying have matching tires. One set would be for the front of the vehicle, while the other would be for the rear end. The physicality like height, tread pattern, and labels like P ### / ## R ## S are mentioned properly. It is crucial that the tire width and the aspect ratio of all four tires match with each other, along with the tread pattern. If the size of the second-hand tires 215 / 45r17 is 205 / 65r15, then the other one cannot have size 205 / 65r15. In short, all need to be identical with each other from every angle. 


You need to start by matching the tire that is located on the same axle of the car. Make sure that the tire that you are choosing has much more tread as compared to the tire that is already present in your car. Any tiredness with uneven wear, patches, plugs, or dry rot needs to be rejected instantly. You will only be losing money on it along with extra repair charges for your car if it fails while you are on the road. Just like the last point, you will have to select the tire with an identical aspect ratio and tire width as to the existing tire. There cannot be any compromises on mistakes with the last point. 


 Most 205 / 65r15 second-hand targets are labeled with three specific letters: P### R## and #’S. Here, P stands for use in the passenger cars, while R represents radial and S is the speed rating. # stands for a single numeric digit.  Almost all tires in passenger cars are now radial. 

If you can take care of the points given above, it is for sure that you will not fail in checking the technicalities of a used tire in front of you. When you know the ins and outs of something you are more confident about your purchase and would definitely know how to negotiate a deal that is beneficial for both the buyer and the seller.