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When Should You Change Your Car Tire?

When Should You Change Your Car’s Tires?

If a damaged tire is repairable, then you should take it to a professional mechanic who can resolve the issue. But if you have big issues like low tread depth, big cracks, big punctures, then it is highly recommended to Change Your Car Tire or tires.

There might be some repairing options available for these issues, but it is not advised.

So, when should you change your car tire?

You may realize something unusual while driving your car. You may think that there is something wrong with the engine or transmission compartments. But, there can be problems with your tires too. Because of a bad set of tires, you may get poor fuel economy, bad handling, vibration, noise, and so on.

  • Manufacturing Date of Tire

Therefore, you should inspect all four tires of your car and make wise decisions after inspecting all of them.

The manufacturing date is a crucial part while considering change your car tire. You can find DOT codes on your tires. There, you can also find out the manufacturing date of the tires. For example, if there is a code “2118”, then it means that the tire was manufactured in the 21st week of 2018.

Like any other compartment, a tire has an expiry date too. It is advised to change tires within 6 to 10 years after the tire was manufactured. If the depth of tread is still in good condition, but the tire is 10 years old, then you should change it without any further delay.

  • Unacceptable Tire Tread Depth

Because of regular or over usage, your tires can wear out quickly. As a result, if you inspect a tire, you may notice that the required tire tread depth is absent. You can measure the depth using a tire tread depth gauge.

If it appears that the depth of tread is lower than 2/32 inches or 1/16 inches, then you should change the tire or all four tires as soon as possible. Tires with inadequate tread depth are dangerous for driving. Also, you may not get a road grip and lose traction while driving. Undoubtedly, no one wants to take life risks.

  • Cracks on Tires

There might be small cracks on your tire. This is something you should not worry about. But if there are wide and large cracks on your tires, then you should worry. Yes, it is a matter of great concern. Tires with wide cracks are dangerous to use. Therefore, you should change the tires if they have cracks.’

  • Tire Puncture

While driving in different road conditions, your tires can get punctured. This is something that no one wants to face. However, there are solutions to this issue. It is possible to repair punctured tires. But if the puncture is big enough, then it is advisable to change the tire. However, you are good to go with a small puncture that has been repaired by professionals.


Always take care of your tires and change them when required.

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