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Buying Old Tires Yay or Nay!

Old tires

Buying second-hand tires! They have their own advantages and disadvantages. All you need to know is that whether it is still in a good condition or not.

Used tires that are just slightly worn, might be a suitable option to save down some money. Though new tires come with a fixed-time warranty, this is a perk you miss if you go for a second-hand tire as an option.


  1. Tread Depth
  2. Cuts And Bumps On Sidewalls
  3. Damages In The Bead Area
  4. Age Of The Tire
  5. Punctures
  6. Vibration Counts While Driving

Even if the tread of the tire is in a good condition, it must undergo inspection for any further defects. There are some problems that come under notice only during practical usage. Hence, it is better to see them beforehand.

  • The Depth of Tread

Measurements between the top and bottom of the vertical rubber pattern of the tire are what is called depth of tread. The vehicle is more prone to accidents when the depth is below the minimum. A gauge is usually used for measurement purposes.  The penny helps in knowing whether the tire tread is still usable. If the thread is about 2/23 inches, on measuring it through Lincoln penny. It’s a good sign. The depth of thread must never fall below 1/16inch.

  • Cuts and Bumps: Sidewall

Once you are done with the tread, and it does seem to be okay!

You can dodge over to check the entire plane of the tire. Consider the sidewall. Check all slits and cuts. Be careful about the ones that are not clearly visible. If you discover bumps or other irregularities, it becomes unsafe to use that tire. However, if you don’t find these issues, we’d suggest 155/65 r 14.

Damages in the Bead Area

Keep a check on bead areas. If you notice rubber pieces misplaced or other forms of damage, it’s unsafe. 175 / 70r14, can promise you to be ahead of all these problems and give you a refined experience. It has proper sealing bead areas. The bead area is the inner circle of the tire, connecting it to the wheel. It holds it together.

  1. Liner Damage:  A tire with damages at liner which is the softer presence of rubber dust, marks it unsafe. In such a situation, then you must examine the liner to prevent rubbing of sidewalls.  
  2. Punctures: check the tires for punctures. You might have to lay special emphasis on areas near side walls.
  3. Age Of The Tire: A four-digit number indicates the age of the tire.

The first two numbers indicate the week in which it was made, and the last two digits speak about the year. The identification number of the tire is usually seen on the sidewalls.

Benefits of a Used Tire

  1. The Vehicle Is Near Its Expiry Date: If you are driving an old vehicle, then possibilities are that you will be doing this to get the maximum output from your initial investment. You are obviously not interested in sinking your hard-earned money into a new tire for an old vehicle about to expire. Used tires are also a good option for high mileage vehicles.
  2. In Case of a Lease Situation: If you don’t own the vehicle, and taken it on the lease, used tires are a great solution. If the lease is due next couple of months and tires are wearing out, we help you find apt tires.
  3. Front-end Problems: these can be costly, and you might be able to afford the repairs. Putting that extra effort on used tires is much better than putting it on a new set.
  4. Hard on Tires: Maybe, if you have teenage drivers who are hard on the tires, or maybe if you are working in an industry where driving over the nails is a routine.

We recommend155 / 65r14 second-hand tire. It is the best option.

  • Save Money : Sometimes we have “like new” take on the sets, and we just want to save on some budget. 

Then, why not?

Many people are skeptical about buying used tires. The cost and waste reduction make them a great dispense. But, with a proper examination from a reliable auto shop, one can get the assurance that the tires are perfect for safe driving.