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How to Care for Your Car Tires and Prolong Their Usage

How to Care for Your Car Tires

Here are a few tips to help you maintain your tire condition and also prolong the life of your tires -Car Tires and Prolong

The tires of an automobile are extremely essential parts of the vehicle, which is why they require so much care and maintenance. When you buy a new set of wheels, be it fresh 225 / 45r17 or even second-hand ones, it is essential to have the right maintenance regularly to keep them working and running smoothly. There are a few simple things that can help you prolong the life of your tires.

Check the Tire Air Pressure Regularly

Make it a point to check the air pressure in your tires regularly, at least once every 5 days or so.

This is especially necessary if you drive your car a lot and drive long distances. When your air pressure is perfect, it prevents the tires from being squished due to the excessive weight of the vehicles as well as the regular use of the 215 / 40r18 tires. It is important to note that when your tire air pressure is perfect, your fuel consumption is low and steady. In case you drive around with slightly under-inflated tires, you will end up consuming more fuel during your travels, which is not the most ideal way to travel. This is simply because the rolling resistance is extremely high when your tires have less air pressure, which can cause a severe load on your engine. Not just that, under-inflated tires also tend to have uneven wear and tear which can cause tire bursts and in turn, huge accidents!

Regular Wheel Alignment

The wheel alignment is basically the system that connects the vehicle to the wheels. When driving long distances, driving on uneven terrain as well as driving on slopes, the wheel alignment tends to get a little wonky. You will notice then when your car shifts slightly towards one side when driving it on a straight road, and you will immediately know which side the wheel alignment is showing trouble on. Another issue you will face is excessive vibration of your steering wheel and uneven tread wear, which can be a warning sign in itself. When you send your car for regular maintenance, make it a point to check for proper wheel alignment of your 215 /40r18 used tire along with a test drive to ensure that the wheels are aligned properly.

Proper Tire Balancing

This is a process that is usually done along with a wheel alignment process. In tire balancing, the weight of the tire is checked, which is done with the help of a machine that spins the wheels individually at a high speed. This helps indicate the areas of the tire that need additional weight, and the garage technician adds the necessary weights. This compensation of weight on the tires helps to ensure that along with the wheel alignment, the tires are weighted perfectly to drive safely. When you don’t have the tires balanced out properly especially 225 / 45r17 second-hand tire, it can cause similar issues as the above two points such as uneven tread, uneven wear, and tear and uneven car balance.

Fix Any Punctures

If you drive uneven roads and terrains every day, there are chances that your tires might have small punctures. In tubeless tires, this isn’t easily detectable and usually goes unnoticed for days. However, when you have a tube tire, the result is almost instant and can cause a lot of trouble for you. Get your garage technician to inspect your tire for any nails, stones, or even any tiny metal pieces that have gotten them fixed into the rubber of the tire. When you remove these pieces, the puncture will be visible which can be fixed with a rubber and a needle specifically created for garage use. 

Apart from these tips, ensure that you always have an inflated spare tire in your car. This will help you fix tire issues at any given time and also replace the tire yourself in case of any emergency. Spare tires are extremely important to have especially if you drive your car a lot or are planning road trips across town. 

With all of these tips, you can not only prolong the life of your tires but also prevent accidents. A lot of accidents are caused by tire bursts which are caused by under-inflated tires as well as tires that have been used a lot. If you notice that your tires have a lot of wear and tear, replace them immediately with a set of brand-new ones.