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How to Inspect Bad Shocks and Struts

Bad Shocks and Struts

Inspect Bad Shocks and Struts are very crucial parts of a car’s suspension system. These parts ensure comfort, stability, good road grip, handling, fuel economy, and many more. While doing wheel service, the condition of shocks and struts can be checked. Therefore, if there is any problem, it can be resolved. If you solve the problems quickly and accurately, it will save a lot of money in the future. Also, car lovers want their cars fully ok. So, as a part of maintenance, shocks and struts can be checked periodically.

Shocks and Struts

Function of Shocks and Struts

A shock is an independent compartment. On the other hand, the strut combines with the shock and gets a structural shape. They work using hydraulic fluid, piston and so other things inside.

Both of these have a same goal. Both work simultaneously so that the wheels of a car are connected to the road and the vehicle is stable. Without these parts, a car will not be stable at all.

The combination of shocks and struts assures that a car is riding smooth and under control while taking turns , accelerating, braking and running on rough roads.

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Recognizing Inspect Bad Shocks and Struts

Like any other part, shocks and struts go bad over time. Regular checkups of these compartments can ensure proper drivability. How do you know if your shocks and struts are going bad? Let’s find out.

  • If you see leaking fluids coming out of shocks and struts, then the time has come to change these things. Leaking fluids indicate that the internal seals have gone bad and essential fluids are coming out and can no longer perform.
  • You noticed that one or more than one tires of your car have uneven wear. One of the reasons behind this can be bad shocks and struts. Because of being bad, the shocks and struts could not hold the wheels appropriately. As a result, it affected the tires.
  • If you hear abnormal sounds when your wheels go into potholes, then your shocks and struts may have gone bad. This is a very common symptom of this problem.
  • Bumps are felt more violently than before. This is a sign of bad shocks and struts. Overtime, shocks and struts lose the capability to be stable. As a result, road bumps are felt more often.
  • If you feel that your car is unstable on high speeds, then shocks and struts can be the culprit.
  • While taking sharp turns, car’s suspension system behaves abnormally. This thing also can be caused by shocks and struts.

Things to do after inspection

If you can recognize bad shocks and struts, then you should change those compartments as soon as possible. But if you find nothing wrong, then you are good to go. Inspect again after a certain period of time.


Wheels have close relation with shocks and struts. As a result, the drivability and the feeling of driving depends tremendously on shocks and struts.