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One of The Most Popular Tires in The World: Michelin


Michelin is not an uncommon name to car owners. It is one of the largest tire manufacturers in the world. So, it is expected that people know the brand. Michelin is bigger than other popular tire manufacturers such as Continental, Goodyear, etc. They produce tires for space shuttles, aircraft, automobiles, heavy machinery, and even bicycles. So, how did Michelin become so big? Let’s find out.

A Brief History of Michelin  

Michelin tires

Michelin was established by two brothers Édouard Miche·linand  André Miche·lin in Clermont-Ferrand, France in 1889. The two brothers created their version of a removable pneumatic tire and got the patent in 1891. By using these removable pneumatic tires,  Charles Terront, a French cycling star, won the world’s first long-distance cycle race in 1891. Then Miche·lin started to expand their business at home and abroad.

In the year 1934, Miche·lin introduced a new kind of tire that was able to run even after getting punctured. This type of tire is now known as run-flat-tire.

Michelin had another breakthrough in 1946. They developed radial tires at that time. This innovation enabled them towards huge business growth.

Michelin established their branch in North America in 1968. They quickly gained the attention of automakers and got orders for OEM tires. By the year 1989, Miche·lin managed to capture a good portion of the OEM tire market.

Technologies Developed by Michelin

Here, we will discuss Michelin’s two technologies. One is Acoustic Technology and the other is Self-seal Technology.

  • Acoustic Technology: Michelin claims that Acoustic Technology significantly reduces vibrations. As a result, Interior noise can be reduced by 20% approximately. A custom-designed polyurethane foam solution is used in this technology so that drivers and passengers can get the benefit and comfort. This technology even reduces interior sounds while the road condition is changing.
  • Selfseal Technology: Selfseal Technology is an innovation for Michelin’s customers so that they can stay hassle-free even if their tires get punctured. The technology can prevent most punctures up to 6mm. Miche·lin claims that this technology is environmentally friendly. Mainly, a natural rubber sealant material is used to develop this technology and it has zero impact on rolling resistance. 

Some Products of Michelin

Here are some categories of products which are sold by Miche·lin:

  • X Ice Tire Family
  • Miche·lin Cross Climate
  • Miche·lin X Tire Family
  • Miche·lin Defender LTX M/S & T+H
  • Miche·lin Energy
  • Miche·lin Latitude Sport Tires
  • Miche·lin Primacy Tires
  • Miche·lin Pilot
  • Miche·lin Premier
  • Miche·lin LTX

The Participation of Michelin in WRC

Factory teams of Toyota, Volkswagen, Mitsubishi, Peugeot, Audi, Citroën, Ford, Lancia have purchased tires from Michelin. Miche·linhas also participated in Formula One. 


Miche·lin tires are highly popular among car owners. Miche·lin never compromises with quality, reliability and technology. As a result, these tires last for a long time. In addition, drivers get good fuel economy, nice road grip by using Miche·lin tires. Customer satisfaction is at its best when it comes to feedback on using Miche·lin tires. So, these tires are good products to buy for sure.  

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