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Easy way to change the oil in the car!

How to change the engine oil of the car?

If you want to keep your car young, then change the engine oil on time. Easy way to change the oil in the car

Engine life is depending on changing oil. And if you let it go, then your car will go away from you. If you don’t want to lose your car, then change the oil on time. Changing oil is never a difficult task. It is our carelessness that hurts us.

Many people do not know the importance of it. So they don’t care and when their cars’ engines are broken they think these were bad cars but not really. We as mechanics have to understand people’s problems, and We have to explain all ins and outs.

I have seen thousands of people’s cars destroyed in my life. But when I passed my mechanic course then I found the reasons behind this. Not changing the oil on time can cost us even as the price of the car.

As our health deteriorates, we go to the doctor. So when our car breaks down, we must seek the help of specialists. Engine oil saves engine parts from friction. And if the viscosity of the oil is low it will start eating the parts.

We can always keep our car new by looking after it.

How to change the engine oil of the car?

Change the engine oil and fill the engine oil to a specified level

Engine oil provides lubrication to the car. The engine oil keeps the engine cool and prevents it from deteriorating. Good car engine oil is very important to keep a car good for years. Whenever it comes to service, you should ask your mechanic to use the best quality engine oil.

To prevent damage:

It is very important to change the oil in time otherwise your car will be destroyed. We need to know that it is mandatory to change the engine oil of the car in time.

The engine is dependent on engine oil that reduces the resistance. If the car engine is running or has low viscosity oil then soon the engine will be torn apart.  

How many kilometers need to change engine oil for car

After 10000 km engine oil should be replaced if it is synthetic oil. You should your car recommendations but synthetic oil is always best for car engines. Always check the recommendations from the car manual and should discuss them with your mechanic.

Most engine oil companies mention everything on the Oil bottle with details. Mostly with Toyota, Honda, Faw, Suzuki, Hyundai, Ford, and Holden sedans you can use 40w70 synthetic oil. You must check the recommendations. 

Engine oil Flush for petrol car

With the rotation of engine parts engine gets a lot of slugs that stop your car performance. I recommend engine oil flush to increase its pick. You ever realize after some years you press the race pedals and your car is not efficient as it was in the beginning. Trust me that is the slug that is stopping shafts to rotate normally and has built up so well. To get rid of this perform the engine oil flush.

  • How to flush the engine

Open the engine oil pan nut. Add the recommended engine oil flush in your car. Idle your car for ten minutes. And make sure don’t drive during this interval. Your car must be in a stationary position. After ten minutes turn off the engine switch. After that drain the oil you are done, mate. Open the drain nut and change the oil filter. After you have added engine oil flush you must have to change the engine oil and don’t drive it otherwise it will make damage to the car. 

It is not dangerous if you follow the instruction and read the recommendations. Engine oil flush is the life of the car and it should be performed after 10000 km when it comes to service.

My car performance is low

My car performance is low

Trust me that’s the slug stealing your pocket and due to this problem probably you will buy a new car.

Stop! Your car is not old. The methods have become old. The best mechanic will perform the engine oil flush and will recommend it to the customers.

How to change engine oil

After the oil flush drains the oil in a pan. Replace the oil filter with a filter opener. Put the new filter on after replacing the oil. Tight the drain nut of the oil pan. Tight the oil filter. Add the new good quality oil to the engine. 

 When engine oil flush is added don’t drive your car it is strictly prohibited. After adding the engine oil flush your car should be in a stationary position.

Always check the recommendations…

Drain the oil. You must change the oil filter. 

Don’t save money on oil always use the best oil available in the market and that is suitable for your car.

Change oil in time with the best available recommendations.


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