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Why Major Services is mandatory for the car 2 times a year?

Major Services is mandatory for the car

Major Services is mandatory for the car, and it is due two times a year. As you look after your health as you look after your car, both things are important in your life.

For example, if we don’t care about spark plugs we can be stopped on the road in the middle of the night. 


Major Services is mandatory for the car is always important for any car and after six months it is due. Some people just concentrate on minor services and do not care about major services, and they keep having issues during the year. So it is better to perform the major service two times a year.

As a being a mechanic and driver, I do my car major service and never had an issue during the year.

My family is my importance so I don’t want any troubles during the journey. I am sure you too. When Major Service is due start away perform it.

When Major Service is due:

Major Service is due after six months, and you have to check almost everything about your car. If you want your car to keep running, then do the major Service on time. Major Service tells you the health of your car.

How to do Major Service of your car?

  • Change spark plugs:

You must have to change spark plugs after six months otherwise these plugs could cause ignition fault. So, it is compulsory to change spark plugs on time without making it prolong. 

  • Change the engine oil 
Major Services is mandatory for the car

You have to replace engine oil when it is due mostly synthetic engine oil should be replaced after 10000 kilometers.

  • Check battery terminals and water:

You have to check the terminal if these are not corroded. Corroded terminals cause bad ignition. And you must check the battery water if it is all right.

  • Check brake oil:

You must have to check the brake oil sometimes low brake oil can cause the failure of brakes. 

  • Check indicators:

You must know if your indicators are working because these are really important during your driving.

  • Check lights: 

Make sure your lights are working. If something is wrong replace it.

  • Check braking system:

Make sure your brakes are working you have a hard pedal and your brakes are working do the test drive.

  • Check the gear oil:

You need to check gear oil if go under the car and check leakage.

  • Check steering liquid:

You must have to check the steering liquid. 

  • Turn on Ac:

Run the air conditioner and see the temperature. Your car should not heat up if everything is all right.

  • Test drive: 

Drive the car and notice faults

  • Do the computer scan:

Once a year you have to scan your car with the computer scanner if it is working all right and the scanner is not showing any faults.

  • Check the Radiator:

When your car is cold then open up the radiator cap and check the water and fill up the water. Use coolant instead

  • Check the gear by applying:

When you apply gears it’s all milky and nice, so you know nothing is wrong with the transmission.