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Dashing and Powerful: The All-New 2022 Toyota GR86

The All-New 2022 Toyota GR86

The Toyota GR86 was first introduced in 2012. Since then, more than 200,000 units of the Toyota 86 have been sold worldwide.

The new Toyota GR 86 made its debut on 5 April 2021 through an online event. Toyota said that the new GR86s will be at the dealerships within November 2021.  Actually, both Toyota and Subaru worked jointly to design and create the car. But there are differences as well. Subaru will sell this car as Subaru BRZ.

Engine and Transmission

Well, the new GR86 engine has a larger displacement compared to the previous generation. It has a 2.4-liter four-cylinder horizontally as opposed to a naturally aspirated engine. Toyota D-4S technology has been used in this engine. It refers that the engine has both a port fuel injection system and a direct fuel injection system. Cool, isn’t it?

The engine produces 235 PS at 7000 rpm and 250 N.m at 3700 rpm. It is a rear-wheel-drive car. It can go from 0-100 km/h in just 6.3 seconds. The previous generation takes 7.4 seconds to achieve the same milestone.

Toyota is offering a six-speed automatic transmission or a six-speed manual transmission for the car. The automatic transmission is designed and made for increased power. The same goes for the manual transmission also.

  • Fuel Economy 

It is expected that the manual transmission models will get 8 km/l in the city, 11 km/l on the highway, and almost 9 km/l combined.

On the other hand, the automatic transmission models will get 8.5 km/l in the city, 12.75 km/l on the highway, and 10 km/l combined.

  • Exterior
The new Toyota GR86

 The car has a low-center-of-gravity appearance which makes it bold and dynamic. The fenders are bulky. The aerodynamics have been improved amazingly. Actually, the car may look like a Supra from some angles. Yes, it is that good.

The front has the GR-specific Functional MATRIX Grille. To some people, the front may appear like that of a Porsche. The rear of the car is actually more sporty and attractive. The side looks sharp and curvy.  

Interior Degine Toyota GR86

The interior has a raw feel. It is not “posh” or “luxurious” like other cars. Yes, the philosophy behind creating this car is different. So, if you are a car enthusiast, then you will like the interior and the philosophy as well.

There are physical buttons all around. Also, there is a “real parking brake”. Yes, the cable one. It does not have the “fancy” electronic parking brake. However, the tachometer is digital.

  • How does it drive

The new GR86 is way faster than its previous generation. The gear shifts are better. One can feel higher torque in all speed ranges. The weight balance is great in this car. It handles brilliantly as an entry-level sports car.

  • Price 

 The price of the new Toyota GR86 will start from under $30,000.


As an entry-level driver’s car, the all-new Toyota GR86 is spectacular. Toyota is all about reliability. The GR86 is not different from that. It is a reliable and efficient driver’s car. In addition, if you want raw feelings with decent power, the GR86 will be a good choice.

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