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Impressive and Amazing: The All-New Honda Vezel 2021

New Honda Vezel 2021

The Honda Vezel is sold as “HR-V” in many markets like the US, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Europe, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia etc. But the car is sold as “Vezel” in Japan and China only. However, countries like Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Bangladesh import the Honda Vezels from Japan as reconditioned units mostly.

The selling of the Honda HR-V started back in 1999. Currently, Honda is offering the third generation of the Honda Vezel. It is expected that Honda will start selling the Honda HR-V in other parts of the world soon.

Honda Vezel Launch and Other Facts

Honda has aimed to sell 5000 units of the third generation Honda Vezel per month. However, after launching the model, Honda received an order of 32000+ units within May 2021. That is spectacular.   

  • Variants and Grades

There are two different variants of the new Honda Vezel. These are the non-hybrid variant and the hybrid variant.

  1. The non-hybrid variant has only one grade. The grade is: G
  2. The hybrid variant has three different grades. The grades are:
  • e: HEV X
  • e: HEV Z
  • e: HEV PLay

Engine and Transmission

Honda is offering a 1.5 liter L15B I4 DOHC i-VTEC engine with a CVT transmission for the non-hybrid variant of the Honda Vezel 2021. The engine creates 118 PS at 6600 rpm and 142 N.m at 4300 rpm.

For the hybrid variant, Honda is giving a 1.5-liter LEB-MMD DOHC i-VTEC engine with an e-CVT (Electric Continuously Variable Transmission). The engine creates 106PS at 6000-6400 rpm and  127N.m at 4500-5000 rpm. The dual electric motor creates 131 PS at 4000-8000 rpm and 253 N.m at 0-3500 rpm.   

  • Fuel Economy

The Honda Vezel e: HEV PLay can give 24.8km/l to 30.4km/l of fuel average. The e: HEV PLay package comes only with a front-wheel-drive system. However, the other packages offer both front-wheel-drive and four-wheel-drive systems.

The G Package (non-hybrid version) is able to run 17km/l if it is the front-wheel-drive version. On the other hand, the four-wheel-drive option is able to provide 15.6km/l of fuel economy.  

  • Exterior

The exterior is miles ahead of the previous generation. The car looks bolder and more aggressive. The front looks wider and sporty. It has the design language of a coupé. The rear looks interesting. However, it would be better if the rear spoiler were not that small.    

  • Interior

Though it is not a luxurious car, the interior welcomes you with heavy greetings. Yes, the interior feels really premium and top-notch. The interior is fully redesigned and it is spacious. Features may vary from grade to grade.

  • Honda Vezal Price

The Honda 2021 starts from 2,279,200 yen and ends at 3,298,900 yen.

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If you are in the market for a good-looking, sporty, and reliable compact SUV that will give good gas mileage too then the new Honda Vezel is for you.