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Ended Up Buying Bad Wheels, What to Do Now?

Buying Bad Wheels

Used wheels are good things to buy, obviously. But all used wheels are not up to the mark. You may get cheated if you are not aware of this matter. But do not think that all used wheels are bad Wheels. That is not the case. There are some reasons behind owners selling their used wheels. One is that they want something new or different. Another reason is that their wheels have gone bad.

So just to get some money, they often sell those to other people. If you are one of those people, you will suffer for sure.

Buying Bad Wheels, What to Do Now?

Buying Bad Wheels

Avoiding Bad and Wrong Wheels

Well, the process is not that tough. You just need to stay alert and aware. Here are some tips so that you are not made a fool:

  • Take the help of an experienced person.
  • If you see any unexpected curve on a wheel, just avoid buying it. These are not appropriate to purchase.
  • If there is any kind of gap, crack, split on any of the wheels, just throw that away. That is not suitable for your car.
  • Rusty wheels should be avoided
  • The Center bore size should be matched. 
  • If bolt patterns are not the same as required then do not purchase those wheels.

Ended Up Buying Without Inspecting Closely, What to Do Now?

It is not impossible that you might end up buying the wrong or bad wheels for your car. Surely, it is a pathetic thing. No one wants to buy wrong or bad things. But it can happen accidentally. So, is there any kind of solution? Yes, there is.


First of all, go to the seller and tell them that the wheels are not up to expectations. Many shops take back defective products after selling them. But everyone is not like some of those shops. There are also many shops who will not take the sold goods even if you prove to them that it was not your fault. For this reason, you are advised to purchase your desired goods from dependable shops and websites. If you want to purchase used wheels, tires, tirenavi.jp is here to serve you.

There is a good solution if you ended up buying bad wheels and now the shop is not taking any liability. The solution is to refurbish your wheels. In certain cases, it is possible to restore your car’s wheels but not every time.

There are many processes to restore or refurbish wheels. Experienced and skilled people in this field can do it for you easily. For example, if the colour of the wheels is faded then it is possible to restore by painting it again. There might be scratches on the wheels too. This problem is also repairable. But it is recommended to buy good wheels at first rather than buying bad wheels and taking them to a repair shop.


Always inspect closely before buying any wheel [1]. Yes, there are solutions if you mess up but those solutions may not always be applicable.  So, you need to be very cautious.