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The Technology and the Materials That Are Used Into Wheels

Technology Used Into Wheels

Wheels are not just for looking. They serve a lot of purposes. Wheels enhance vehicular performance, stability, fuel economy, comfort, safety, and many more. As a result, manufacturers put a lot of effort while shaping and producing wheels. When we see wheels installed to a car’s hubs, they do not look complicated. Technology Used Into Wheels But the fact is, there are a lot of technologies and materials that go into these wheels.

In this article, we will discuss the technologies and the materials are used in alloy and carbon wheels. Interesting, right?

Technology Used Into Wheels & Manufacturing Process of Alloy Wheels

Alloy wheels

Alloy wheels are the most popular wheels nowadays. Alloy wheels are cheaper than carbon wheels but more expensive than steel wheels.

At first, aluminum is shipped to the factory and the workers check the quality of aluminum. If there is anything wrong with the quality, they discard the piece of aluminum.

After that, supplied aluminum is checked through many kinds of tests.

When the quality of aluminum meets the standards, it is taken to the melting process.

Low-pressure-die-casting technology is one of the processes to make alloy wheels. This process is implemented after the melting process.

After that, the quality of wheels are checked and faults are searched through using proper technology.

When the quality is ensured, tilt milling process starts to go on.

Then workers inspect the wheels closely and search for any kind of problem. It is ensured that the wheels are up to standards and specifications. Some testing procedures also go on in this part.

After completing the procedures, wheels are sent for painting. Through automatic machines and tools, wheels get some treatment so that they can be made reliable and long-lasting.

At the final stage, the wheels are inspected for any kind of defects. If everything seems ok, then the wheels are ready for delivery.

Manufacturing Process of Carbon Wheels

Carbon wheels

Carbon wheels are more expensive than alloy wheels. The cost behind carbon wheels is huge compared to that of alloy wheels.

The manufacturing processes of carbon wheels start with CAD design. The development of these products goes on virtually at first. After doing enough research, the final design concept is chosen.

By using simulation technologies through computers, durability and stability can be tested. The ability of these wheels is determined properly.

Carbon fiber is used to make one-piece construction. The elements go through many kinds of processes before coming into a proper stage.

Then a one-piece construction goes for a resin sample integrity check and a high-pressure leak test.

It is tested with proper machines to check if a carbon wheel can bear high loads. Also, various scanning and testing processes are done during the manufacturing time.

Wheel specifications are matched so that there is nothing wrong.

Then a wheel is taken to high-temperature conditions and after doing so it is taken for coating and other necessary work.

Before boxing, a worker inspects each wheel very closely and hand polishes the final touch.


Wheels are made in very sophisticated ways [1] [2]. Undoubtedly, there are a lot of technologies used in manufacturing plants. After so many processes, these products come to us and we enjoy using them.

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