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You Are Not Doing Right by Installing Oversized Wheels

Oversized Wheels

Car enthusiasts all over the world like to modify their cars in many ways. In this sector, one of the most popular modifications is Installing Oversized Wheels. Of course, because of various designs and patterns, modern wheels look amazing and attractive. But it does not mean that you can put whatever wheel you like for your car. There are some rules to be followed. If not followed, you can be one of the sufferers in the near future.

The Reasons Why Installing Oversized Wheels Is a Bad Idea 

Oversized Wheels

Like every other thing, the installation of wheels needs to be done properly.

You just cannot put anything you like. Why?

Let Us Have a Look

Your car’s manufacturer knows best about your car. No matter how experienced you are, you are not more knowledgeable than the manufacturer itself. As a result, recommendations given by the manufacturer have greater value. If your car was designed for 16-inch wheels, do not put 20-inch wheels. It may look “cool” if you install 20-inch wheels. But in course of time, you may need to visit the dealerships or service centers near you more often.

Because of oversized wheels, tires may get rubbed. It means that you have to spend more and more money to fix this issue.

Suppose, your car is programmed to run on 16-inch wheels. But you have installed 19-inch wheels recently. Will there be any adverse effect? Of course. Your car’s transmission has a close relationship with the wheels. The transmission is programmed to keep relation with 16-inch wheels, not 19-inch wheels. As a result, the flow of good performance may be disrupted.

Oversized wheels have an effect on braking distance. Larger wheels make it tougher to stop a vehicle. As a consequence, it puts pressure on the braking system. For this reason, the braking system, especially brake pads can be worn prematurely.

Oversized wheels have extra weight which puts pressure on the suspension compartments. In this way, your suspension parts can be damaged.

It is even possible that because of oversized wheels, your car’s fenders may get damaged. Be careful about that.

Oversized wheels make it tough for a vehicle to move faster. So, if you want good acceleration, just be happy with whatever the manufacturer has provided. But yes, you can modify things at a certain level.

The fuel economy will decrease if oversized wheels are installed. The fuel economy may not be a big factor for you. But it can be a big factor for others

Because of bigger wheels, you may feel uncomfortable. Bigger wheels can make the car stiffer. As a result, you may feel the road bumps much frequently

Last but not the least, oversized wheels are hampering your car’s reliability. No one wants to visit dealerships or service centers so often. But just because you like bigger or oversized wheels, your car is suffering and you will also suffer 


Doing modifications at a certain level is not a crime, obviously. You can do modifications by maintaining some guidelines. By following them, you will benefit ultimately.

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