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Things to View Wheels on the Car Before Buying

View Wheels on the Car Before Buying

Mr. Root has bought new wheels for his car. View Wheels on the Car Before Buying He bought those wheels online. After a couple of days, he got the delivery. When he started to install those wheels, he was shocked. The wheels he purchased do not match the specifications of his car.

There are many people like Mr. Root who sometimes mess up while buying wheels for their car. It is not impossible that you will also be frustrated if you end up buying the wrong wheels for your car. Do not be like Mr. Root!

Things to Look at While Buying Wheels

Like every other part, wheels have their specification too. You cannot put a transmission of a Honda Civic into a Toyota Corolla. It will not work accurately. Likewise, you have to choose the right wheels for your car. Putting wrong wheels with wrong specs will ultimately suffer you. So, be careful!

Now the question is, what are the facts a buyer should look for before buying wheels?

The answer is, a buyer should check the bolt pattern, center bore, diameter, width, size, wheel offset, and many other things while buying a wheel or a set of wheels. In this article, we will discuss some major things to look at before buying wheels for your car. The other things will be discussed in part 2 of this article. So let us get started!

Bolt Pattern   

Buying wheels for your car

Mainly, when lug holes take a round pattern, it is called a bolt pattern. It is one of the most fundamental things to look at before ending up buying wheels for your car. It is a simple fact that a pattern of 4 bolts will not fit where a pattern of 6 bolts is needed. It is not a tough thing to see, but many people mess up this thing too!

The lug holes on your car’s wheels play a big role when you are driving your car. They keep the wheels of your car fastened securely to the vehicle. As a result, you can drive the car without any kind of big risk.

There are many kinds of bolt patterns available when it comes to wheels. 4-bolt, 5-bolt, 6-bolt, 8-bolt, dual bolt are some of those. Look at the requirements of your car and then buy the wheels with the right patterns.

Center Bore

The Center bore is a crucial part of a wheel

The Center bore is a crucial part of a wheel. It is referred to as the center hole in the middle of a wheel. It is located at the back of a wheel. The Center bore is attached to the car’s hub.

When the center bore is perfectly attached, the car will not vibrate. Some wheels are manufactured to fit a specific model of car. On the other hand, some wheels can be fitted to multiple types of car models. 

The Center bore should be accurate according to recommendations given by the car manufacturer. A wrong-sized center bore can be dangerous. However, by using adapters, the center bore can be modified.

In part 2, you will be able to know about other facts regarding wheel purchase. Be ready!