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Things You Need to Know About Wheel Alignment

Wheel Alignment

Like wheel balancing, wheel alignment is a vital part of wheel servicing. Though wheel balancing and wheel alignment are not the same, they serve some common benefits. Know About Wheel Alignment

Wheel alignment mainly refers to an important tool for maintaining the correct angle of the wheels. Wheel alignment is directly related to the car suspension, and some parts of a car’s suspension may need to be adjusted to get proper alignment of wheels. By using modern and highly advanced tools or machines, mechanics run the wheel alignment procedure. In this process, they come to know about the required adjustments to do and take actions according to the requirements.

Wheels get misaligned

How do wheels get misaligned

While spinning on the roads, your car’s wheels face many adverse situations. Because of sophisticated suspension systems, modern cars do not let their passengers feel road bumps frequently like older cars. So, while driving, you may feel everything is going alright. Not, there can be a problem, but the suspension system is not letting you know the problems. At the same time, when we go through big bumps, we can often fill the vibrations.

Over time, because of the wear of suspension parts, wheels get misaligned. In addition, if you hit a big pothole violently, the alignment of your wheels may get changed. Normally, it takes time to be misaligned.

Signs which indicates that your wheels need to be ASAP

When there is a requirement of doing wheel alignment, you will be let it know by the car itself. No, it will not throw any kind of warning sign. Rather, while driving, you will find the difference. Here are some signs of misaligned wheels:

  1. You may feel that the car goes to left or right when you hold the steering wheel straight
  2. Car will run straight if you hold the steering wheel slight right or left
  3. Your tires will be worn unevenly

How to do wheel alignment

If you want your wheels to be aligned by machine, then you had better take the help of a good service center. Here are the procedures of doing wheel alignment:

  1. Your car should be taken on a lift of wheel alignment machine
  2. Alignment heads need to be installed correctly on wheels after the car is rested properly on the lift
  3. Then the mechanic will turn on the computer and look for your car manufacturer and model name
  4. After selecting, the computer will give accurate specifications and the mechanic will be able to know where adjustments need to be made
  5. The computer will give directions and the directions need to be followed
  6. After adjusting the parts of suspension, your car can be taken for a test drive to see if everything is fine

The Benefits

You will feel confident if your wheels are properly aligned. As a result, you will get better stability, handling, comfort, and fuel economy as well!


Take your car for a wheel alignment after every 10000 kilometers. But if the road condition in your country or city is bad, then go early for a wheel alignment.

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